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How the right software can help your business

Many established businesses have systems in place that have worked for them for a long time. These systems are often a blessing and a curse. The advantages are that all the employees know the system that's in place, and new employees are the only ones that need to get trained up on it. The disadvantages are that these systems can be very inefficient, cumbersome to work with, or don't use the resources available as well as they should.

When I worked as VP at West Coast Sightseeing and I started looking at the reservation system that we were using, it was a reservation system created by one of our tour bus drivers, who was also a hobby programmer. It had some great features that were very useful for the office staff, because it was custom made for that company. It had, however, no tie-in to the internet. Online Booking was not an option. Most importantly, every reservation staff member had to spend their first two weeks learning where every hotel in the Lower Mainland was located, and how long it took to drive from one hotel to the next. I started researching for a better fit for our company, and after some extensive research settled on Zaui Software. Back in 2008, when I started working with them, they were a small Vancouver based startup company that offered an online based reservation system. Their owner, Kory Fawcett, was able to accommodate all our requests and over the next few years it became a symbiotic relationship where Zaui and us created a platform that was easier to use and train on, and it had the ability to offer online bookings. Combined with some Search Engine Optimization we increased our web traffic and online sales over 10 times in the first year! Zaui has now evolved into a powerful online sales platform, where mobile agents can sell tours in real time from their handheld devices, among other things.

More recently, I started helping Brad Jennens at Summerhill Fine Homes, a custom home builder and renovator on the Sunshine Coast of BC. His business was at a point where further growth was hard to realize as communication between Brad and multiple job sites became more difficult. After some research we found Co-construct, an online platform for custom home builders that offered all the tools we needed to streamline many aspects of Brad's business, enabling him to contemplate future expansion of his business.

If you feel like your business is working on old systems, or worse yet, no systems at all, contact us at Tize Consulting and we can help you find the right solution for your business, and, more importantly, help you implement it.