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Tize Consulting offers small business consulting on the Sunshine Coast of BC. 

Whether you need help in becoming more efficient, improving your online sales & marketing or would like to take the next step but you're not sure how, we can help. 

Want to experience the expertise of Tize Consulting for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s book your first free consultation.

Tize Consulting Services

At Tize Consulting we take an individualized approach to helping you. Especially small to medium sized businesses have unique dynamics, people and processes in place, so when you contact us, we will make sure that whatever we can offer is right for you and your company.



Streamlining your business

Streamlining processes, cleaning up communication paths and getting rid of steps that don't help you or your customer is what we can help you with.


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Let technology help you

Whether technology is something you struggle with, or you have technology overload due to too many systems in place, we can help find and implement the right solution for your business.

Strategic Planning

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Think ahead and prosper

A long term strategic plan helps direct your actions in the present. Whether you're looking towards succession or sale of the business, a better work-life balance, or sustainable growth, we will find the right solution for you.


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Expert Guidance

With years of experience in Tourism, Instruction and some personal interests, Andreas can offer help and advice, or just be a sounding board on the following subjects: 

- tourism sales & marketing

- online sales & marketing

- sustainable building

- net zero design

- Natural Pools / Swimming Ponds

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